Rauch Ranch Rusty Nail

Rauch Ranch Rusty Nail California Vacation

Peaceful, fresh air and the ability to roam, be part of the Western Lifestyle. Horses, Cows, and Chickens to feed. Picnic at the pond, tour our winery or vineyard, or Ground Squirrel Hunts and photograph. Over 4000 private acres offers you the freedom to take a nature walk or mount bike ride the trails or just park your rigs here and drive to town for dinner. Let us know your wildest dreams and we will make it happen!

Discover this truly unique Stay-cation Destination

From photo shoots to just plain "getting away from it all" we have the answer.  Horseshoes, Campfires (time of year appropriate of course) or learning to throw a rope (at a dummy cow of course) are some of the sheer pleasures of the country life.  Learn the tracks of a raccoon or the rootings of the hogs as they pass almost silently across the country side. Spend the day visiting our newest adventure Rauch Ranch Vineyards and Winery and enjoy our award winning varieties!

We strive to live sustainably and at peace within our environment and have had the good fortune of the fruits of our labors this past year in the form of our first ever Estate produced Viognier. Years of restoring 3 individual vineyards in this Valley has blessed us with several different varietals and local wineries producing our wines.  Evening tastings are just a part of our adventures. 

Here at the  Rauch Ranch we also take pride in our Heritage and offer individualized categories of "Ranch Art".  Consider the Photos in our albums with our most famous version of "Native American Indians of the Past", this photo etched in the recently poured cement of our walkway was discovered by our son on his way in from work. Or how about our "Day is Done Anvil" or "Rileys First Ride".  We have places on the Ranch that no one has ever seen but those of us who work or live here. We like to think of it as a Pioneer's Heaven and a photographer's Paradise!  Come Try your hand at Ranch Art you may be the next winner of some coutry art contest!